Why choose us?

The Guarantee company was established in 2004, from the beginning we dealt with transport up to 24 t. Over time, we also introduced the sale of loose materials, aggregates and wood. The fleet was enriched with log semi-trailers, also with HDS. The next step was international transport, with particular emphasis on Greece.

Having been on the market for 20 years, we have proven methods of optimizing route costs and choosing their route. Our priority is to ensure the safety of the driver and cargo. We carefully select our team consisting of experienced specialists in various fields.

By choosing our company, you choose the guarantee of reliable execution of the order.


The direction in which we specialize

When choosing a carrier for a given direction, it is worth taking into account its experience.

Our long-term presence in this field has made us experts in this field.



Gwarant Janusz Demarczyk
ul. Zagórska 133
Tarnowskie Góry
e-mail: gwarantjanusz@poczta.onet.pl
tel.502 209 609
32 380 04 18

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